About Us

What is DAN TIAN?

Let’s become master gardeners of our Dan Tian, our Inner Field of Medicine, Field of Elixir and Self-Healing!

“DAN TIAN” is a beautiful term from the 5000-year-old Chinese Qigong tradition which perfectly embodies our vision of Vibrant Health, Inner Mastery, and Joyful Life! It is the Chinese name of the major energy centers in the core of the body, i.e. what is known as “Chakras” in Yoga. In Chinese, “Dan” literally means medicine, elixir, or pill. And “Tian” means “field” or “farm”.

So the words “DAN TIAN” means “Field of Medicine” or “Field of Elixir”. It refers to the fact that we ALL carry the ability to create healing and medicine from within. We can cultivate our internal “field of medicine” the way a gardener tends lovingly to his/her garden. Yes – a wonderful reminder! Our bodies have powerful innate self-healing abilities, far more intelligent and elegant than any doctor’s prescribed medicine. Health and vitality is our natural state! Frequently, we find the best healing results when we simply remove the obstacles to healing and allow wellness to naturally blossom and thrive!
Anatomically, “DAN TIAN” is the Chinese name of major energy centers in the core of the body, i.e. “Chakras” in Yoga. These energy centers are the major reservoirs of the body’s healing energy, and so they are strongly emphasized in traditional self-care practices like Qigong breathing meditation, Tai Chi, and Martial Arts.
So, dear friends, we invite you join us at The School of DAN TIAN WELLNESS! Together, let’s become master gardeners of our field of medicine, our field of self-healing and rejuvenation. Let’s create our most joyful life and radiant vitality!