Heather Huber

Heather Huber CMT

Heather brings nearly 15 years of holistic health and wellness experience to the School of Dan Tian Wellness. With a background in molecular biology, a private massage practice, and 4 years of graduate study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Heather draws upon these experiences to provide a well-rounded approach to health maintenance and sports enhancement.

As a lifelong athlete, she is always in search of ways we can take care of our bodies from the inside out, which often starts with healthy eating habits. Beginning at an early age, Heather trained as a competitive swimmer, later as a triathlete and marathon runner, and continues to enjoy running, yoga, and just getting outdoors as much as possible!

Heather has interned with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan for the past two years to increase her clinical knowledge of orthopedics and sports medicine. Additionally, she has assisted Dr. Edith for a number of courses here at The School of DTW, including the Advanced Tuina Course and Play with Food event. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, and the power of holistic medicine to The School of Dan Tian Wellness.

For information about Heather’s bodywork practice please vist her website: www.HeatherHuber.com