A-Y-Awesomeness Ep10: How We Eat (vs. What We Eat)

“HOW WE EAT is even more important than WHAT we eat!” This week in our SUPERWELLNESS class, we’re exploring the depth & beauty of *Mindfulness Eating* practice. Sloowwwing down, chewing every bit 30x, 50x, 100x…. mmm…. savoring our food… Enjoying every tastey morsel in a state of meditative bliss! ~~~ “CHEW YOUR LIQUIDS & DRINK YOUR SOLIDS” ~~~ WOW – the experience so beautiful — it’s unimaginable until you experience it for yourself! Give it a try! #AYA #ActivateYourAwesomeness

AYA Ep 23 – Feeling Frazzled? Is It Time For A Digital Detox?

Ever feel TIRED & WIRED, like your energy’s short-circuiting? Do you or any loved ones have abnormal blood pressure? Diabetes? Chronic inflammatory aches & pains? Give GROUNDING a try! ***In this episode, Dr E explains why GROUNDING/EARTHING is the best medicine for quickly bringing balance to our ENERGY. Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! #AYA #ActivateYourAwesomeness

Join us FRI 7:30p for monthly Movie Night! ~ We’re watching “DROPS OF JOY!

* PLAYING is URGENT! Come play! * Join us FRI 7:30p for monthly Movie Night! ~ We’re watching “DROPS OF JOY!” ~ This beautiful film from Brazil reminds us – with great urgency – to bring the JOY, the FUN & PLAYFULNESS back to our lives again. Why is it that as children we played games as part of our social, intellectual and emotional development. But as adults, why do most of us abandon this joyful and playful spirit?
What if we stop being so darn serious, and make it a priority again to have Fun & be Playful like kids again? How might this spirit of JOY enhance all our lives — and importantly – nurture creativity & innovation in solving our world’s most urgent problems today?

How Letting Go of a Grudge Can Improve Your Workout

Did you know? *Forgiveness* has been proven to increase your athletic ability? If you wanna jump higher, or run uphill faster – it’s time to practice Radical Forgiveness – let go of those old grudges. #AYA #ActivateYourAwesomeness I love yous! ~Dr. E~

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What if you can feel Clear, Aligned, and Stress-free on a consistent basis? Would that be a GAMECHANGER?

Did you know? for the price of 1 month’s health insurance, you can experience the state of SUPERWELLNESS – the state of Sustainable Health & Life-Long Wellbeing?

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AYA Ep19 – How to Harmonize with Different Lifestyles of Friends & Family

***As we level-up our lives with new lifestyle choices, often the BIGGEST challenge is harmonizing with the old habits & lifestyle patterns of our friends & family.*** Join us for this week’s episode of AYA — for special Jedi-Ninja tips to harmonize with friends & family! A-Y-A! What about you? Do you have some special tips? Please share below! #AYA #ActivateYourAwesomeness


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