* Dr. E’s 6-WK WELLNESS ACTIVATION PROGRAM – Fall Edition 100% FULL! Not-to-worry! Program returns in April 2015 after Dr. E’s maternity leave.

Six Weds 7-8:45pm * Download FALL (AUG-SEP) Registration Form.*
-OR- online at*

“As an MD, I have long recognized that western medicine defines health as the absence of detectable disease, which is a far cry from true wellness. This course demonstrated concrete steps to effectively improve my health that I never would have embarked upon without Dr. Edith’s guidance and expertise. Highly recommended!” ~ Dr. S. Lee, MD

By overwhelming popular demand, Dr. Edith*Ubuntu’s Wellness Activation programs returns! Now in its 11th iteration, this program has be refined, perfected and meticulously designed to ignite your optimal wellness not only for this season, but for all the years to come! Let’s join together with a group of like-minded, like-hearted beings to activate your true vibrant health and experience your limitless vitality!

  • * Experience the most simple, yet powerful self-care, meditation, breathwork, and lifestyle strategies to eliminate stress and unlock your true vitality!
  • * Explore mindfulness and awareness practices, particularly around food & nutrition – not only “What” we eat/drink, but also “How” we eat/drink.
  • * Create & experience Peace, Clarity, and Joy in every area of your life!
  • * Align with your inner guidance, awaken and deepen your inner mastery.
  • * Become your own best nutritionist, your own best doctor, your own best guru and life-coach!

* Visit the HOLISTIC WELLNESS GARDEN for details! >>>

* Fri NOV 7 2014 7:15pm – Monthly MOVIE NIGHT “COWSPIRACY” (by love-offering)

Cowspiracy You are always invited to join us for our monthly documentary movie night — uplifting, heart-opening, mind-expanding films. Stories that entertain, empower, and inspire!

Our November selection is perhaps the most impactful environmental documentary of the last decade+ COWSPIRACY. If you are an environmental Lover – this movie is an absolute MUST see! This is our very last docu-night before Dr. E’s Maternity Leave – we love to share this special evening with you!

>> Please RSVP here so that we may prepare chairs, snacks, fresh juices for your enjoyment! <<
* Visit the UBUNTU COMMUNITY GARDEN for full details >>>

* Mon NOV 10 2014 – 7:15pm – Our next MONTHLY MEDITATION GATHERING (by donation)

Second Monday each month – 7:15PM to 8:45PM (until Dr. E’s maternity leave Dec 2014 – Mar 2015)

ahh… it’s time to BREATHE… Join Dr. Edith*Ubuntu and our extended Dan Tian family for our monthly meditation gathering – 1-1.5hr of delicious evening guided meditation practice. Easy and powerful ways to live in the state of peace, relaxation, clarity, and joy! Experience profound freedom from stress. Enjoy simple and fun breathing meditation practices that you can use anywhere, anytime. This event is by donation (suggested donation $3-20). No prior experience necessary, beginner and experienced meditation practitioners all warmly welcomed!

* Visit the UBUNTU COMMUNITY GARDEN for full details & RSVP >>>

* Sat NOV 15-Nov 22 2014: * The 8-DAY-PROCESS Pranic Retreat w/Akahi* returns to SFBay!

Registration now OPEN!   * 2014 Program Details (pg1-4) and Registration (pg5) >> .

Dr. Edith*Ubuntu is ecstatic to be hosting the legendary 8-DAY PROCESS with Master Akahi for the SF Bay Area once again in 2014! This retreat is for those who feel called to embrace this new leap in human consciousness, the permanent state of Living from Love. We invite you to gift yourself these 8-days, free from distractions, to focus within, in complete stillness, peace, and joy! Let go of old fears and limitations. Awaken your natural ability to be in the Pranic State, Living on Love, Living on Light. During this beautiful 8-Day Retreat, you will receive a perfect sequence of conscious breathing techniques, inner science guided by Akahi, supported by a recommended plan with your favorite fruits, juices, and 3-day fast.


We invite you to plan ahead in order to eliminate distractions during these powerful and sacred 8 days (e.g. unhook from phone, email, internet, reading materials), allowing a deep focus within, in silence, in peace, in stillness. To support you in having the perfect experience, we are staying at a gorgeous retreat house surrounded by nature and serenity, with Akahi, Camila, Dr. Edith*Ubuntu, and other program participants.

*** Our 2014 retreat will be held at the beautiful SONOMA MOUNTAIN ZEN CENTER, in Sonoma County, CA. Registration now OPEN! ***
* Visit the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS GARDEN for full details >>>

* SUN Nov 16 2014 – 9:30 to 4:30pm – PRANIC STATE: A ONE-DAY BREATH SEMINAR w/ AKAHI* – at beautiful Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

Registration now OPEN!   *DOWNLOAD Registration Form – OR – Register online
PranicState-1Day-AkahiIncredible opportunity to study with Master Akahi in a 1-day format! You will be joining together with participants of the full 8-Day-Process (see above) at SONOMA MOUNTAIN ZEN CENTER, away from the city, surrounded in nature. This one-day retreat includes three deeply transformative and empowering Conscious Breathing Sessions guided by Akahi. Break time in between breathing sessions for integration, quiet contemplation, sharing, and journalling. A beautiful relaxing environment and fresh organic juices, teas, and broths to support your process.

Akahi gifts us with the most advanced, yet simple and easily accessible self-healing and self-mastery tools:
* Create health – energize, rejuvenate, and heal your body.
* Reprogram past traumas and uncomfortable memories, replace them with information of love, peace, and happiness.
* Experience your inner mastery, your natural state of enlightenment.
* Rediscover your natural capacity to transform the energy of love into physical energy.
* Synchronize yourself with the Universal Life Force, the “Qi”, the “Prana”.
* Discover your natural capacity to create perfect health and inner harmony as a permanent expression.
* Experience true happiness and joy – with every breath!

Tuition for ONE DAY BREATH retreat = $170 (includes fresh organic raw juices for your enjoyment!)
Retreat location: Sonoma Mountain Zen Center – 6367 Sonoma Mountain Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Download registration form (cash/check) -OR- Register online (creditcard)
* Visit the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS GARDEN for full details >>>

* SUN NOV 23rd 2014 10am-4:30pm * BIRTHING BLISS * PRANIC BREATH FEMININE SCIENCE * WOMB YOGA * w/ world-renowned pranic breatharian master Camila Castillo
A nourishing daylong retreat for women in all stages of life.

Registration now OPEN! * Download PDF Registration Form.* -OR- online at*
CamilaBirthingBliss2014 Ladies – GREAT NEWS! By popular demand, we are bringing back world-renowned Pranic Breathairian master Camilla Castillo! Join us for this precious opportunity to explore the powerful wisdom held within our Womb & Reproductive System. Through the Conscious Breath*, Guided Imagery*, Feminine Science*, and Womb Yoga*, we have the opportunity to illuminate and purify the information and memories held in this sacred and powerful space. We discover our capacity to heal, transform, and give birth to the best of ourselves through the conscious intention. Womb Yoga & Reproductive Massage will be practiced to strengthen and stimulate fertility -physical & creative- in the reproductive organs. Plenty of time for Q & A.

This retreat is for women in any phase of life who feel called to deepen contact with their inner source of Life and Creativity; women who want to live a Conscious Conception and Pregnancy through postpartum; women who feel the residue of “traumatic” birth experiences – cesarean birth, long or painful labor (physically/emotionally); women who have experienced pregnancy through alternative methods of conception (IUI, IVF, etc.); women who have been on hormonal Birth Control for any amount of time and wish to re-awaken their Natural Hormonal Cycles; women who experience menstrual pain, discomfort, or irregularities; women who have experienced sexual trauma or abuse; women going through menopause or other life changes, and any woman who is in her exploration of consciousness and feels inspired to deepen her connection with her own divinity*, creativity*, confidence*, and sensuality*. A celebration of feminine wisdom & beautiful life! Please join us!

* Download PDF Registration Form.* -OR- online at*
* Visit WOMEN & COUPLES GARDEN for details forthcoming >>

* FRI DEC 5 2014 – 6:45-8:30p – Seasonal SOUND HEALING GATHERING
w/ SONIC MYSTERY (Rich Raffals, Karina Ghor, & Jovani) by sliding-scale/love-offerings)

SoundHealing Join us for a beautiful evening of sound healing, relaxation, and cellular nourishment! A gift of pure love offered by SONIC MYSTERY — *KARINA GHOR* (Vocals, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Rattles), *RICH RAFFALS* (Australian didgeridoo, African Drum, Ecuadorian Rattles, Tibetan Chimes, voice and aromatherapy), and *JOVANI* (Visual artist, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumental sound healer)
** Gift yourself this delicious evening, nourishment for body-mind-emotion-soul! This event has a capacity for 12 people. Sliding-scale/by-donation ($25-35 suggested). Look forward to sharing this magical evening with you!

>> Space limited – RSVP required here. <<

* SAVE-THE-DATE: PRANIC FESTIVAL – August 8-9-10, 2015 – San Francisco, CA!

A Celebration! Exploring *Infinite Possibilities* of Life in the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS – featuring JASMUHEEN, WIM HOF, AKAHI, CAMILA, OBEROM, P.A. STRAUBINGER, Dr. E – and many more speakers TBA!


Enjoy these videos with *WIM HOF “The Iceman”, AKAHI, CAMILA, DR. E – Adventures of Infinite Human Potential*


Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing Pranic experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)

Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing her 11-day Dark Room Retreat experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)