* August 8-9-10, 2015 * PRANIC FESTIVAL – Sausalito (SF Bay Area) CA! *


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Activating New Paradigms. Merging Ancient Traditions with Futuristic Inner Sciences. Co-creating Paradise on Earth!

Join us for a rare & monumental gathering of the Global PRANIC Family! Explore the *Infinite Possibilities* of life in the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS – melding hearts & minds with the most inspirational Human Pioneers, Yogis, Masters, Visionaries from around the world. Celebrating the birth of a Conscious New Humanity!
Featured Speakers include: JASMUHEEN (Author, Int’l Lecturer, Pranic Researcher, Ambassador of the Embassy of Peace), WIM HOF (26x Guinness World-Record Holder), AKAHI & CAMILA (World-renowned Pranic Breatharian Masters), MAX CHRISTENSEN (Traditional Daoist Teacher, Founder of KUNLUN NEI GUNG system), DR. EDITH-UBUNTU CHAN (founder of School of DTW) and MORE!

* Living from Love * Self-Healing & Rejuvenation * Alchemy * Inner Science * Living on Light * Breatharianism * Immortality * Telepathy/Enhanced Perception * Sacred Relationships & Family * Conscious Creation & Fertility * Birthing the New Master Generation * Celebrating Peace, Happiness, Joy! * Co-creating Paradise on Earth *
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* Wed Aug 12 2015 * THE BLISS OF BIGU & THE TRUE BELOVED, 1-Day Workshop with JASMUHEEN *


We invite you to share in this rare & intimate gathering of like-minded souls, with international lecturer, author, and pranic researcher & pioneer JASMUHEEN!

In this unique gathering, we will explore nourishment from the INSIDE OUT rather than just the OUTSIDE IN – the impact this has on our health & environment and how to measure and increase our chi-prana flow for safe transitions as well as:
-Experiential insights into our self sustaining templates activating and strengthening;
-Meditations on our Body of Light Essence nourishment the paradigm of aligning & allowing;
-Lifestyles for internal and external harmony, peace and Pranic Living;
-Effective Alternate Resource access and usage nourishing the planet via our personal lightbody essence emanations;
-Tools and Techniques for a Grace Filled evolution and eliminating all of our hungers how to measure our prana percentage, increasing our chi and essence radiations;
-Updates on Jasmuheen’s 22 years of personal experiential research on Cosmic Micro-Fuel, Pranic Living and how it applies to personal and global health and more!

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* Thur Aug 13 2015 (10am-5pm) * THE NEW HYBRID HUMAN – 1-Day Workshop w/ AKAHI & CAMILA *

Join us for a beautiful and transformative 1-day experience with world-renowned Pranic Breatharian Masters Akahi & Camila. Experience powerful breathing sessions with Akahi & Camila, that allow us to experience profound self-healing on all levels – body, mind, emotions, spirit, to illuminate ourselves, our lives, and give birth to a NEW Generation of Conscious Beings on this planet!
Tuition: $250 for the full 1-day experience; organic fresh raw juices & teas will be served.
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* Sat OCTOBER 24 thru Sat OCTOBER 31 2015 * The legendary *8 DAY PROCESS* of Akahi returns to Northern California! *
@ Sonoma Mountain Zen Center (please plan to arrive Fri Oct 23 evening)

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Dr. Edith-Ubuntu is ecstatic to be hosting the Legendary 8-DAY PROCESS with AKAHI for the SF Bay Area once again in 2015! This retreat is for those who feel called to embrace this new leap in human consciousness, the permanent state of Living from Love. We invite you to gift yourself these 8-days, free from distractions, to focus within, in complete stillness, peace, and joy! Let go of old fears and limitations. Awaken your natural ability to be in the Pranic State, Living on Love, Living on Light. During this beautiful 8-Day Retreat, you will receive a perfect sequence of conscious breathing techniques, inner science guided by Akahi (and Camila too!), supported by a recommended plan with your favorite fruits, juices, and 3-day fast.
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* Practitioner Training – Holistic Sports Medicine & Sports Performance Medicine – 5-Module Series w/ Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan, Module 3: Sept 19-20 2015 *

CA Acupuncture Board 55 CEU Pending (CEU Provider #956 – The School of Dan Tian Wellness)

Download Detailed Course Description & Syllabus (PDF).
The ULTIMATE course in Holistic Sports Medicine & Sports Performance Medicine for devoted CM students and practitioners! A distillation of Dr. Edith-Ubuntu’s 30,000+hrs experience and pearls as a Sports Medicine and Endocrinology specialist — this course not only weaves together the most useful clinical gems in TCM sports medicine, acupuncture & bodywork/manual therapy, but also Dr. E’s multi-decade background as competitive athlete & triathlon/cycling coach, as well as certified High Performance Coach — creating the most comprehensive and well-rounded hands-on workshop series offered in our community!
tuina-old This powerful, fun, and value-packed 5-Module (10-day) program is carefully sequenced and unlike any other. Students are presented with an elegant East-West integrative framework for the evaluation and treatment of common Sports Injuries, gaining a deep confidence in Anatomy*, Physical Exam*, and also the most clinically relevant Sports Acupuncture*, Tui-Na/Manual* techniques and clinical gems.
Beyond the advanced training in the evaluation & treatment of sports injuries, what sets this course apart the most is our exploration of Sports Training and strategies for boosting athlete’s Sports Performance*. Together, we explore the dynamics and psychology of athletic training and uncover the most valuable tools and holistic strategies (including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, breathwork, patient-counseling and patient self-care) for promoting sustained High Performance.
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* FRI MAY 8 2015 7:15pm – Monthly Movie Night – Selection TBD (free/love-offering)

Our favorite DTW tradition of Movie Night returns! As always enjoy inspirational, mind-expanding, heart-opening films! Movies that uplift & inspire. And come meet and play with baby Kabreem!
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* Dr. E’s legendary 6-WK WELLNESS ACTIVATION PROGRAM – SPRING program full

Not to worry – this program is scheduled to return in the fall (Sept/Oct)

Six Weds Apr 1 to May 6 2015, 7-8:45pm * SPRING 2015 Registration Form .*
-OR- online at*

“As an MD, I have long recognized that western medicine defines health as the absence of detectable disease, which is a far cry from true wellness. This course demonstrated concrete steps to effectively improve my health that I never would have embarked upon without Dr. Edith’s guidance and expertise. Highly recommended!” ~ Dr. S. Lee, MD

By overwhelming popular demand, Dr. Edith*Ubuntu’s Wellness Activation programs returns! Now in its 12th iteration, this program has been refined, perfected and meticulously designed to ignite your optimal wellness not only for this season, but for all the years to come! Let’s join together with a group of like-minded, like-hearted beings to activate your true vibrant health and experience your limitless vitality!

  • * Experience the most simple, yet powerful self-care, meditation, breathwork, and lifestyle strategies to eliminate stress and unlock your true vitality!
  • * Explore mindfulness and awareness practices, particularly around food & nutrition – not only “What” we eat/drink, but also “How” we eat/drink.
  • * Create & experience Peace, Clarity, and Joy in every area of your life!
  • * Align with your inner guidance, awaken and deepen your inner mastery.
  • * Become your own best nutritionist, your own best doctor, your own best guru and life-coach!

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Usually the 2nd Monday each month – 7:15PM to 8:45PM (on hiatus during Dr. E’s Maternity Leave, returning in 2nd half of 2015)

ahh… it’s time to BREATHE… Join Dr. Edith*Ubuntu and our extended Dan Tian family for our monthly meditation gathering – 1-1.5hr of delicious evening guided meditation practice. Easy and powerful ways to live in the state of peace, relaxation, clarity, and joy! Experience profound freedom from stress. Enjoy simple and fun breathing meditation practices that you can use anywhere, anytime. This event is by donation (suggested donation $3-20). No prior experience necessary, beginner and experienced meditation practitioners all warmly welcomed!

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Enjoy these videos with *WIM HOF “The Iceman”, AKAHI, CAMILA, DR. E – Adventures of Infinite Human Potential*


Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing Pranic experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)

Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing her 11-day Dark Room Retreat experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)