* Dr. E’s legendary 6-WK WELLNESS ACTIVATION PROGRAM – Returns APRIL 1 2015!

The very first time since Dr. E’s return from Maternity Leave. Program will fill up quickly – signup soon!

Six Weds Apr 1 to May 6 2015, 7-8:45pm * SPRING 2015 Registration Form .*
-OR- online at*

“As an MD, I have long recognized that western medicine defines health as the absence of detectable disease, which is a far cry from true wellness. This course demonstrated concrete steps to effectively improve my health that I never would have embarked upon without Dr. Edith’s guidance and expertise. Highly recommended!” ~ Dr. S. Lee, MD

By overwhelming popular demand, Dr. Edith*Ubuntu’s Wellness Activation programs returns! Now in its 12th iteration, this program has been refined, perfected and meticulously designed to ignite your optimal wellness not only for this season, but for all the years to come! Let’s join together with a group of like-minded, like-hearted beings to activate your true vibrant health and experience your limitless vitality!

  • * Experience the most simple, yet powerful self-care, meditation, breathwork, and lifestyle strategies to eliminate stress and unlock your true vitality!
  • * Explore mindfulness and awareness practices, particularly around food & nutrition – not only “What” we eat/drink, but also “How” we eat/drink.
  • * Create & experience Peace, Clarity, and Joy in every area of your life!
  • * Align with your inner guidance, awaken and deepen your inner mastery.
  • * Become your own best nutritionist, your own best doctor, your own best guru and life-coach!

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* Practitioner Training – Holistic Sports Medicine & Sports Performance Medicine Series w/ Dr. Edith-Ubuntu Chan, kicks off Apr 11-12 2015 *

CA Acupuncture Board 55 CEU Pending (CEU Provider #956 – The School of Dan Tian Wellness)

Download Detailed Course Description & Syllabus (PDF).
The ULTIMATE course in Holistic Sports Medicine & Sports Performance Medicine for devoted CM students and practitioners! A distillation of Dr. Edith-Ubuntu’s 30,000+hrs experience and pearls as a Sports Medicine and Endocrinology specialist — this course not only weaves together the most useful clinical gems in TCM sports medicine, acupuncture & bodywork/manual therapy, but also Dr. E’s multi-decade background as competitive athlete & triathlon/cycling coach, as well as certified High Performance Coach — creating the most comprehensive and well-rounded hands-on workshop series offered in our community!

tuina-old This powerful, fun, and value-packed 5-Module (10-day) program is carefully sequenced and unlike any other. Students are presented with an elegant East-West integrative framework for the evaluation and treatment of common Sports Injuries, gaining a deep confidence in Anatomy*, Physical Exam*, and also the most clinically relevant Sports Acupuncture*, Tui-Na/Manual* techniques and clinical gems.

Beyond the advanced training in the evaluation & treatment of sports injuries, what sets this course apart the most is our exploration of Sports Training and strategies for boosting athlete’s Sports Performance*. Together, we explore the dynamics and psychology of athletic training and uncover the most valuable tools and holistic strategies (including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, breathwork, patient-counseling and patient self-care) for promoting sustained High Performance.
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* FRI MAR 20 2015 7:15pm – Monthly Movie Night *THE POWER OF THE PLACEBO” (free/love-offering)

After a 3-month hiatus for Dr. E’s maternity leave – our favorite DTW tradition of Movie Night returns!

tedkaptchukplaceboThis month we are watching the new BBC documentary *THE POWER OF THE PLACEBO*, showcasing the fascinating new research on the Placebo Effect, fresh new perspectives on what it means about the power of our human mind to affect our physiology in the most miraculous ways! This short & fun 58min documentary will open our minds & hearts – inspiring us to take a deeper look at the tremendous healing power we all have within ourselves. The placebo topic also aligns beautifully with our name “Dan Tian” – which translates to “field of medicine”. Dan Tian is the chinese Qigong / Tai Chi term for the energy centers or Chakras within our body. But as many of you know, the name specifically refers to the pharmacy of (free) medicine we can all activate from within. See Trailer. Join us!
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Usually the 2nd Monday each month – 7:15PM to 8:45PM (on hiatus during Dr. E’s Maternity Leave, returning in 2nd half of 2015)

ahh… it’s time to BREATHE… Join Dr. Edith*Ubuntu and our extended Dan Tian family for our monthly meditation gathering – 1-1.5hr of delicious evening guided meditation practice. Easy and powerful ways to live in the state of peace, relaxation, clarity, and joy! Experience profound freedom from stress. Enjoy simple and fun breathing meditation practices that you can use anywhere, anytime. This event is by donation (suggested donation $3-20). No prior experience necessary, beginner and experienced meditation practitioners all warmly welcomed!

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* PRANIC FESTIVAL – August 8-9-10, 2015 – San Francisco, CA!

Join the movement! Visit

A Celebration – Exploring *Infinite Possibilities* of Life in the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS – featuring JASMUHEEN, WIM HOF, AKAHI, CAMILA, OBEROM, P.A. STRAUBINGER, Dr. E – and more speakers TBA!


* August 11 & Aug 12 2015: Bliss & BiGu, workshop with Jasmuheen *

Save-the-dates! Full details TBA in February 2015.

Enjoy these videos with *WIM HOF “The Iceman”, AKAHI, CAMILA, DR. E – Adventures of Infinite Human Potential*


Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing Pranic experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)

Dr. Edith Ubuntu sharing her 11-day Dark Room Retreat experience at Freedom Generation (bilingual English-French)