Holistic Wellness Garden


April-May 2016 Series is FULL. Series returns in Fall (Sept-Oct) 2016. Join us then!

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 6 Weeks to the Vibrant New You!
Six Wednesdays 6:45pm-8:45pm
Apr 6, 13, 20 (break on Apr 27 for integration) May 4, 11, 18 2016

“As an MD, I have long recognized that western medicine defines health as the absence of detectable disease, which is a far cry from true wellness. This course demonstrated concrete steps to effectively improve my health that I never would have embarked upon without Dr. Edith’s guidance and expertise. Highly recommended!” ~ Dr. S. Lee, MD

By overwhelming popular demand, Dr. Edith-Ubuntu’s legendary Wellness Activation programs returns! A distillation of Dr. E’s 15years experience as a Holistic Medicine practitioner supporting thousands of patients. Enjoy the most potent self-healing tools, treasures and strategies – in a super fun 6-week guided journey! Now in its 15th iteration, this program has been carefully refined and meticulously designed to ignite your optimal wellness not only for this season, but for all the years to come! Let’s join together with a group of like-minded, like-hearted beings to activate your true vibrant health and experience limitless vitality! * INFINITE GIFTS AWAIT! *

Six week guided process – empowering tools, strategies, discoveries, inner-mastery:
* Experience the most powerful Self-Care, Meditation, Breath-work, and Lifestyle Strategies to Eliminate Stress and Unlock your Limitless Vitality!
* Understand the Root Causes of dis-ease vs. wellness.
* Learn how we can all Consciously create Wellness & Vitality, regardless of current health status.
* Explore Mindfulness and Awareness practices, particularly around food & nutrition – not only “what” we eat, but “how” we eat.
* Create & experience Peace, Clarity and Joy in every area of your life.
* Attune to your inner guidance; step into your inner mastery!
* Become your own best Nutritionist, your own best Doctor, your own best Guru, and your own best Life & Wellness Coach!
* Intimate small group environment, supporting one another as like-minded friends – anchoring smart lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime!


Meets Six WEDNESDAYS 6:45PM to 8:45PM.
* Apr 6, 13, 20 (break for Apr 27 for integration) May 4, 11, 18 2016
Program Tuition: $430(includes delicious, healthful organic juice and vegetarian/vegan gluten-free dinner at each weekly meeting)
* Note: There is a recommended 3-5day Juice Cleanse between Sessions #4 and #5. Participants are invited to juice at home, or order from local Juicer such as JuiceToYou.netLiving Greens, Greens and Company,etc. You may also rent a juicer from Dan Tian for just $25/wk. Note: materials for 3-5day juice cleanse not included in program price.

*Signup online at http://6WeekWellness.brownpapertickets.com*

What people are saying about Dr. E’s Wellness Program:

“Words cannot describe what I have gained from this 6 week wellness class. I wanted to do some spring cleansing and lose a few pounds. But what I gained are valuable lifetime tools, great friends, and most of all, a deep inner peace, love and appreciation for life. My energy has been radiant and contagious, people tell me. My mental clarity has been fantastic and unbelievable. I did not realize how I had been living in a fog with such low energy until the fog has now been lifted. I feel truly alive for the first time in 20 years! Dr Edith, thank you for sharing and guiding me towards this new life, new eyes, new body – such an amazing gift to feel so fully alive, energized, and… happy!” ~ Nancy H.

“Fantastic 6-week course! It gave me so many valuable tools for improving health and becoming a more connected and present human being! Dr. Edith created a warm, humorous and fun-filled group environment where we always felt comfortable learning and sharing our experiences together. We had a nice mix of guided practices, group reflections, and Dr. E’s clinical and personal experience in holistic health. Many of the techniques we explored have now become part of my daily routine, and it is so much fun to see how my kids have absorbed and benefited from this also! Dr. Edith is an amazing person, and this workshop is a treasure for anybody interested in creating a solid and lasting foundation in healthy living!” ~ Owen D.


“Wow! What a wonderful experience this class was!! My intention in joining was simply to lose weight. What actually happened was so much more amazing than that. The most awe-inspiring result (for a foodie like me) is the wonderfully freeing feeling of having broken free from cravings – that a healthy salad made with real foods holds the same (or even more) appeal than a steak and potato dinner. I NEVER thought I would arrive here. Ten pounds in six weeks in a painless transformation. And beyond just the changes in eating habits, the meditation techniques, the calming of self, the search for purpose… This was a joyful and soulful experience – I hope many more are privileged to participate in this journey with such a wonderful teacher! Highly recommended!” ~ Nicole V.

“This amazing programme has done for me in a matter of weeks what other healing modalities could not in years. I have been able to transcend low mood, heal from the effects of food sensitivies and over-eating, improve my energy and re-ignite my inspiration for life! The tools we explored gifted me with a greater confidence, access to my intuition, and the capacity to truly listen to by body’s signal and awaken its natural healing intelligence. Dr. Edith-Ubuntu’s vibrant joyous presences was always so encouraging and supportive throughout! This programme was profoundly transformative and time/money very well spent – I am most most grateful!” ~ Rose V.

REGISTER ONLINE: 6weekwellness.brownpapertickets.com*


Level 2: Advanced Self-care, Conscious Life Mastery (NEW COURSE – Launches AUG-2016)

Level 3: (TBA 2016)