Ubuntu Community Garden

Monthly SuperWellness Call
The second Monday of every Month at 7pm Pacific

A FREE monthly webinar with Dr. Edith. Learn gamechanging HEALTH and WELLNESS tips. Have ENERGY to do all the things you love!
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Movie Night at Dan Tian Wellness
Friday Apr 14th, 7:30pm

Join us for our monthly documentary movie night — always uplifting, heart-opening, mind-expanding films. Stories that entertain, empower, and inspire! This month, “The Goddess Project.”


Monthly InnerOS Upgrade
The first Monday of every month a 6pm Pacific

A FREE Monthly Meditation & InnerOS Upgrade! Together, let’s live at a whole new realm of possibilities. Create a SPECTACULAR 2017!
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* MOVIE NIGHT – Fri Apr 14 2017 7:30pm – MINIMALISM: A Documentary About the Important Things (always free/by-donation) *

movie-nightJoin us for our monthly documentary movie night — always uplifting, heart-opening, mind-expanding films. Stories that entertain, empower, and inspire!

This inspiring film takes us inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker—all of whom are striving to live a meaningful life with less.

It was the #1 indie documentary of 2016 – and if you haven’t seen it – we recommend it highly!


Please arrive 7:30p. Enjoy lovely teas/juices/drinks, and meet all the amazing beings that make up our DTW community. The video begins at 7:45p!


*** >> RSVP here so that we may prepare the space, drinks, chairs to welcome you! << ***

See you Friday!

Love awesome documentaries? Check out our past movie-nite selections below!

* Visioneer * The Choice is Ours * The Truth About Vaccines * Minimalism * What The Health * Turn it Around w/Byron Katie * The Goddess Project * The Connected Universe lecture w/Nassim Haramein * Drops of Joy (Brazil-portuguese, w/ English Subtitles) * Vaxxed * The Beginning of Life * Inside the Superhuman World of the ICEMAN * From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines * The Mask You Live In (exploring culture of Masculinity) * Being In The World * Boredom, The Documentary * Children Full of Life * Within Reach * On the topic of Money: The Story of Solutions, Sacred Economics w/Charles Eisenstein, The Man Who Quit Money, The Soul of Money w/Lynne Twist * The Power of the Placebo * Cowspiracy * The Power of The Heart * E-Motion * Song of The New Earth * The Near-Death-Experience Documentary * The Indigo Evolution * Way of Life * Laughology * Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk * The Emotional World of Farm Animals * The Animal Communicator * Money and Life * Nosso Lar (Our Home, Astral City: A Spiritual Journey) * Dirt! * The City Dark * Buck * Science and Sacraments * The Secret of Nikola Tesla * In The Beginning There Was LIGHT*ONLINE STREAMING NOW AVAILABLE!Crossroads * What Babies Want * Solar (R)evolution * Finding Joe * Eat, Fast, Live Longer * Cultural Creatives * With One Voice * The Green Beautiful (fiction) * Healing Cancer from Inside Out * Earth Pilgrims * Water – The Great Mystery * Black (W)hole, with Nassim Haramein * Eat the Sun * Dreams of Damanhur * The Living Matrix * Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What * One Man, One Cow, One Planet *


* MONTHLY MEDITATION GATHERING with Dr. Edith-Ubuntu (by donation)

On hiatus as Dr. E transitions back from Maternity Leave.

ahhhh… it’s time to BREATHE…. Join Dr. Edith-Ubuntu and our extended Dan Tian family for our monthly meditation gathering – 1-1.5hr of delicious evening guided meditation practice. Easy and powerful ways to live in the state of peace, relaxation, clarity, and joy! Experience profound freedom from stress. Enjoy simple and fun breathing meditation practices that you can use anywhere, anytime. This event is by donation (suggested donation $3-20). No prior experience necessary, beginner and experienced meditation practitioners all warmly welcomed. So please join us, and bring your loved ones!

>>> Pls RSVP here for NOVEMBER 2014 meditation night!<<< This is our final Meditation Night before Dr. E’s Maternity Leave. We look forward to sharing this joyfilled evening with you!

Past events:


w/ SONIC MYSTERY (Karina Ghor, Rich Raffals & Jovani) by sliding-scale/love-offerings

Horraay! By popular demand, we’re THRILLED to bring SONIC MYSTERY (Karina, Rich & Jovani) back once again for our seasonal sonic treat!

Join us for this beautiful evening of sound healing, relaxation, cellular cleansing and nourishment! A gift of pure love offered by SONIC MYSTERY — *KARINA GHOR* (Vocals, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Rattles), *RICH RAFFALS* (Australian didgeridoo, African Drum, Ecuadorian Rattles, Tibetan Chimes, voice and aromatherapy) and *JOVANI* (Visual artist, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumental sound healer)
Enter into the holy-days season by gifting yourself this delicious evening, nourishment for body-mind-emotion-soul! Cleaning out the old and welcoming the new! *** Due to limited space, RSVP IS REQUIRED*** >> RSVP on EVITE HERE. << Sliding-scale/by-donation ($25-35 suggested). Look forward to sharing this magical evening with you!


* WIM HOF *The Iceman* – PUBLIC TALK, Q & A – at DTW
WED Nov 6 2013, 6:45pm

Friends, amazing news!!! 21x Guinness world-record holder WIM HOF (aka *THE ICEMAN*), the real-life modern Tummo Yoga master, is coming to DAN TIAN WELLNESS, San Francisco this November!

Join us on Wednesday November 6 evening, for a rare opportunity to meet Wim Hof in person, find out about his methods, his approach to life, and how he came to break through preconceived human limitations. A chance for all of us to gather and explore life from *new perspectives*, with questions, answers, and fascinating discussions, contemplating many *new possibilities* for humanity!

* Is it truly possible for us to control our autonomic nervous system and immune system thru the power of Yogic Breathwork practice?
* Could this be the end of dis-ease for humanity?
* What are the results of scientific and medical testing done thus far?
* Is he just special, or can the rest of us experience these seemingly superhuman breakthroughs also?

Mind-expanding discussions and a fantastic warm-up (pun intended!) towards our TWO-DAY WORKSHOP to experience first-hand The WIM HOF METHOD of Yoga breathwork practice, on SAT Nov 9 and SUN Nov 10 – details tba shortly!
Whether you are an athlete interested in creating breakthru performances, or a yogi/yogini, a Qigong/Meditation practitioner interested in the best of Mind-Body-Spiritual wellness, you won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity!!!
*** RSVP on our Facebook event page! ***

* Athletes’ PLAY WITH FOOD! (free/by donation)
w/ Dr. Edith-Ubuntu & our raw chef-du-jour Heather Huber *

Monday JUNE 10 2013 – 7:15PM!

Calling all SF-Athletes! Are you tired of those highly-processed sugary sports drinks, dead food bars, gels, goops, sports shakes laden with artificial ingredients? Join us Monday Jun 10 7:15PM at Dan Tian Wellness for a return of our special playshop with our sponsored Cat 1-2 Cycling team – TEAM BRITESPORT http://britesport.tumblr.com/a 1.5hr “PLAY WITH FOOD” event!

We’ll be supporting you, together with our superstar brothers on the Britesport cycling team, to replace all the commonly used dead, artificial, high-processed sugary sports drinks, sports bars, recovery drinks, etc…, with DELICIOUS, LIVE, all ORGANIC, FRESH, RAW, Homemade treats! 100% Wheat Free, dairy free, and not one gram of extra added sugar — just Pure Deliciousness! We got tons of ingredients to play with. This event is free / by donation. Please come play! *** RSVP ***

* MINDFULNESS DINNER with Dr. Edith & Jamie Lieber, L.Ac. *

Thursday August 2, 2012. 7pm.

Please join us on Thur August 2nd evening to enjoy the luxurious experience of an unrushed, meditative, and mindful meal! Simply bring a small dinner of your own, an open-mind, and come on over! Meet other wonderful likehearted beings, together with Dr. Edith and good friend/colleague Jamie Lieber, L.Ac., we will adventure and experience mindfulness eating. Discover what it is like to slow down, with a sense of inquiry and wonder, to nourish ourselves in the state of peace, love, appreciation, and gratitude! Let’s open to a new way of enjoying food – fully experiencing each bite, allowing mealtime to be meditation, to be peace, to be pure joy!

This event is free / by donation. Please bring your own meal, choosing a small quantity of your favorite dinner selection. Due to limited space, RSVP is required (just email Dr. Edith or Jamie Lieber.) Please join us!


* FRUITS/VEGGIE JUICING PARTY with Dr. Edith-Ubuntu & Heather Huber *

Saturday July 28th 2012, 4-6pm.

Ever considered making your own fresh juices at home, but not sure how to begin? We all know that juicing is a delicious way to cleanse our bodies and boost our health, but perhaps it can feel intimidating to get started?
Please join us on Saturday 7/28, for a fun-filled 2hours playing and making fresh delicious organic juices together! We will have several Omega VERT juicers on hand (which you’re welcomed to rent from Dan Tian after the event). Dr. Edith will supply some fresh fruits and veggies – e.g. carrots, cucumber, celery, kale, mango, peaches, nectarines, watermelon, ginger. but please bring some of your own favorites to add variety! yum!
This event is free / by donation ($10 suggested, but no obligation!). It’s a Playshop! It’s a party! Join us!

–>> RSVP here <<– so that we may prepare plenty of delicious fruits/veggies for your enjoyment!